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Project Resources

Post by ScriptTiger » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:34 am

**This post will be updated as things progress, so check back from time to time.**

Right now information and downloads for our project are spread across a couple different websites, but we will consolidate them over time to include a more central role for the home.

GitHub - Project Management and Bug/Issue tracking

SourceForge - Downloads

While the UWBCD project has the potential to explore alternative boot environments, such as WinPE, right now the project's primary focus is on ReactOS. Being that ReactOS is still highly developmental at the moment, closely monitoring progress with ReactOS and gaining a thorough understand of the ReactOS project is critical to our own development.

ReactOS Development Wiki ... pment_Wiki

ReactOS Forum

ReactOS JIRA Bug Tracker (make a forum account at the above link to access)

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