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The UWBCD Project Team

Post by ScriptTiger » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:28 am

**This post will be updated as things progress, so check back from time to time.**

Team members are selected from actively engaged community members that show both a genuine interest in the project as well as have already proven to be beneficial in their area of expertise.

Current Team:

Site Admin

Lead Developer

Acting Lead Graphic Designer
- The UWBCD logos and favicons were generously provided by Tobaloidee under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Available Positions:

- Prior experience with ReactOS recommended.
- More focused developer specialties will be further discussed in the developer discussion area under the guidance of the Lead Developer.

Lead Creative
- Lead and manage the creative team of technical writers and graphic designers.

Lead Technical Writer
- Prior experience with Joomla! a plus.
- Prior experience with FAQ a plus.
- Find topics currently in demand of documentation by monitoring forum discussions and write articles to best address them under the guidance of the Lead Creative.

Lead Graphic Designer
- Manage design requests for project resources, such as project logo, CD case imagery, T-shirt designs, etc., under the guidance of the Lead Creative.

Global Moderator
- Prior experience with phpBB3 a plus.
- Lead and manage the moderation team in the overall moderation of the forum as a whole under the guidance of the Site Admin.

- Manage the day-to-day moderation of assigned areas in the forum under the guidance of the Global Moderator.

If you feel as though you can fill a position not mentioned above, please let us know.

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